About Us

InformedHosting has been setup to start providing our customers with Affordable, Reliable Web Hosting and Radio Streaming Services.

Thats not all. we have recently expanded our services and are now able to offer our customers many more services, including Domain Names, VPS Servers, as well as all your hosting licencing needs.

Here at InformedHosting, we have now been providing web and Radio server hosting to the online hosting and streaming market for a number of years

Our wealth of experience and expertise has enabled us to become a market leader and expand on our successes and bring the InformedHosting approach to you.

Our web hosting platform: Located mainly in Germany our servers operate within two state-of-the-art data center parks which provide an excellent and environmentally-friendly infrastructure for your Internet business. The multi-redundant network connections connected to important Internet exchanges ensure fast website access.
We're so confident that our system works, that we guarantee your hosting won't drop below 99.95% availability. In all our data centres we've found that at any given time, about 75% of our hardware is being used less than 25% of its maximum capacity.. .

This said we use only the highest quality hardware components and software to create and maintain our platform.
Here at InformedHosting we want to provide all our customers with a straightforward web hosting experience which they can rely on without the unnecessary stresses of downtime and fuss.

Our Radio Streaming platform: All our Radio streaming services run the latest Centova Cast version 3 software which is renowned for being the best and most advanced web based streaming control panel and automatic dj system in the industry.

The Centova v3 panel supports and controls SHOUTcast v1, SHOUTcast v2 and Icecast servers, and includes the latest features such as automated song requests, DJ manager with automated switching from auto dj to live broadcast (xFade) and more.

All our streaming servers use only the highest quality hardware components and are fully monitored to enable us to provide the most stable and reliable service possible because here at InformedHosting we want all our customers to have the best service possible

Our objective is to create an industry-leading brand and provide you with an outstanding service and customer satisfaction.

More about us:

InformedHosting is run by myself and has been setup after I had used various hosting providers and who I found just disappeared or the service I purchased was not at all what I expected.

InformedHosting is not my full time job, "I still have a full time day job" so InformedHosting is run at evenings, weekends and during any spare time I might have.

All this said I am very passionate about InformedHosting and strive to offer all my customers a Fast, Reliable, Affordable and Personal service.

So please do not hesitate, give InformedHosting a try...

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