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Informed Hosting Privacy Policy

Informed Hosting respects and values your privacy.  That’s why we have established this Privacy Policy – so that we can disclose what information we collect about you and how we use, store and disclose such information.  We want to help you make an informed decision about whether or not to share your information with us.

Informed Hosting reserves the right to revise, modify, add or remove provisions to this Privacy Policy at any time.  In the event that we do so, we will notify you in accordance with the notice provisions of our Terms of Use.  Take note of the Effective Date listed at the bottom of this Privacy Policy.  If we make changes to this Privacy Policy, we will update the Effective Date to note the date of such changes.  By continuing to use the Site you acknowledge that you have read and understand the Privacy Policy.

Capitalized terms in this Privacy Policy have the meaning given to such terms in our Terms of Use.

What information does Informed Hosting collect?

Personal Information.
Informed Hosting may collect personally identifiable information from you such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, physical addresses, email addresses, company names as well as similar information concerning technical contacts, marketing contacts, and executive contacts within your company or organization (collectively, “Personal Information”).

Non-Personal Information.
Informed Hosting may collect non-personally identifiable information from you such as the type of browser you use, your operating system, the screen resolution of your browser, your ISP, your IP address, which pages you view on the Site and the time and duration of your visits to the Site (collectively, “Non-Personal Information”).  Informed Hosting associates Non-Personal Information with Personal Information if you register with the Site.

User Communications.
If you communicate with us, we may collect information relating to that communication whether it takes the form of email, fax, letter, forum posting, testimonials or any other form of communication between you and Informed Hosting or Submitted by you to the Site (collectively, “User Communications”).

Server Information.
If you use one of our software products such as WHMCS Addon Modules, we may collect certain information concerning such software and concerning the server upon which the software operates.  This information includes: (a) the licensed or unlicensed status of the software; (b) the source from which the license for the software was obtained (i.e., WHMCS Addon Modules); or (c) information about the server upon which the software is installed including (i) the public IP address, (ii) the operating system and (iii) the use of any virtualization technologies on such server ((a) through (c) collectively, “Server Information”).  Additionally, “Server Information” may also include (x) information collected by Informed Hosting from time to time concerning which features of the software are most often used in order to improve and make adjustments to the software; and (y) information collected from you by Informed Hosting in the event that you request technical support services including without limitation, IP addresses, usernames and passwords necessary to login to SSH, the root directory of the server upon which you installed the WHMCS Addon Modules and any affected accounts including email accounts, MySQL accounts and other accounts.

How does Informed Hosting use and store the information it collects?
As a general matter, Informed Hosting may use the information you disclose to us to improve and provide the Site, the Services and our other products and services, and for the specific purpose that you gave us the information.  More specific details on how we use your information follow below.

We may use Personal Information to create and authenticate your account, to process transactions you request such as software license purchases, to provide you with the newsletters and mailing lists that you sign up for, to provide you with customer and technical support and to communicate with you about your account and our products and services.  We may also use Personal Information to offer, market or advertise to you Informed Hosting products and services.  While such Informed Hosting products and services may reference, incorporate or include third-party products and services, Informed Hosting will not use your Personal Information to independently offer, market or advertise third-party products and services unless we first obtain your consent to do so.  You may update your Personal Information with us, but we may maintain records of Personal Information you disclose to us indefinitely.

We may use User Communications in the same ways we use Personal Information.  If you communicate with us for a particular purpose, we may use your User Communications for that purpose.  For example, if you contact us for technical support, we may use your communications to provide technical support to you.  We may maintain records of User Communications you transmit to us indefinitely.

Informed Hosting may use Non-Personal Information to maintain, evaluate, improve and provide our Site, the Services and any other Informed Hosting products and services.  We may retain Non-Personal Information indefinitely.

We may use Server Information to provide you with technical support services and to maintain, evaluate, improve and provide Informed Hosting products and services.  We may also use such information to investigate unlicensed (and therefore unauthorized) uses of our software.  Informed Hosting may maintain Server Information indefinitely.

How does Informed Hosting disclose the information it collects?
Except as disclosed in this Privacy Policy, Informed Hosting does not share your Personal Information with unaffiliated third parties.  Informed Hosting will never disclose your Personal Information to an unaffiliated third party for the purposes of email or other marketing unless we first obtain your consent to do so.

Informed Hosting cannot be responsible for protecting your information if you share such information in publicly available sections of the Site such as the testimonials section.  You should use your own judgment in disclosing this information on the Site.

In the event that Informed Hosting is purchased by another company, merges with another company or has a substantial portion of its assets purchased by another company, Informed Hosting may share your information with that company.  In such an event, we will notify you in accordance with the notice provisions of the Terms of Use.

We may share your information with third parties as permitted or required by Applicable Law, by a court order or by another judicial or governmental request.  We may also disclose your information if we determine that such disclosure us necessary to protect Informed Hosting’s rights and remedies or is necessary for national security, law enforcement, or other issues of public importance.  Such disclosures could take place in the context of an investigation or to prevent or take action against illegal activity, suspected fraud, situations involving potential threats to the physical safety of any person, violations of Informed Hosting’s Terms of Service, applicable EULAs or other Informed Hosting agreements, or as otherwise required by Applicable Law.

Informed Hosting may disclose your information to affiliated third parties that assist us in providing maintaining, evaluating, improving and providing the Site, the Services and any other Informed Hosting products and services.  Informed Hosting may disclose your information to affiliated third parties for the purposes of offering, marketing or advertising Informed Hosting products and services to you, (such Informed Hosting products and services may reference, incorporate or include third-party products and services).  In such an event, Informed Hosting will take reasonable measures to prevent such affiliated third parties from using your information for other purposes.

Does Informed Hosting use cookies and web beacons?
Yes, Informed Hosting uses cookies to keep you logged in after you log in to the Site.  Otherwise, you would have to log in again for each page of the Site that you visit.

Cookies are small text files placed on your computer by Informed Hosting.  They may be associated with your Personal Information by Informed Hosting, but they do not contain your Personal Information.  Informed Hosting does not use web beacons.

How does Informed Hosting protect Personal Information and other information about you?
Informed Hosting takes reasonable steps to protect the information we collect about you.  Additionally, we may supply you with tools to evaluate the strength of the password you select for the Site.  No security measures are foolproof, and Informed Hosting cannot guarantee the security of your information other than to take reasonable steps to protect it.  In the event that Informed Hosting becomes aware of a security breach, unauthorized disclosure or inadvertent disclosure concerning your information, you agree that Informed Hosting may notify you of such an event using the notice provisions of the Terms of Use.

You are responsible for maintaining your account’s security (as more specifically explained in the Terms of Use).

What if you have questions, comments or complaints about this Privacy Policy?
Please feel free to direct any questions, comments or complaints regarding this Privacy Policy using the contact information listed in the Notices section of the Informed Hosting Terms of Use.  It is Informed Hosting’s policy to investigate and attempt to resolve all formal written complaints we receive concerning this Privacy policy.  Informed Hosting will cooperate with appropriate regulatory authorities, including local data protection authorities, to resolve any complaints regarding the transfer of personal data that cannot be resolved between Informed Hosting and an individual

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